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Jacopo Poli Arzente is a ten year old wine brandy created from Trebbiano di Soave. Following a slow copper pot distillation, the brandy is matured for seven years in Slavonian oak casks, three years in Limousin barrels, and two months in 55 gallon Allier casks. This results in a complex brandy with layered aromas of red bush tea, dried apricot, almond, and fresh hay. The palate is nothing short of striking, and bursts with apricot, vanilla, walnut, and caramel. This is an elegant and harmonious brandy that makes an excellent gift of personal indulgence.

Product of Italy
Alcohol by Volume: 40%


This grappa is made from Vespaiolo and Tocai grapes that are left to dry on screens until the sugar content reaches 30-40%. The “noble rot” that attacks the grapes during the drying process creates organoleptic compounds which are valuable to the production of grappa. The grapes are the same as those in Fausto Maculan’s famous Torcolato dessert wine, made in the hills of Breganze where the soil is volcanic, calcareous and marly.

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