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40% alc./vol.

This is the traditional drink of Brazil. Enjoy it on the rocks or mixed with a variety of fruit juices.



Amaro Ramazzotti is an Italian digestif from the bitters category. 33 different aromatic plants and fruits are used in its making, including sweet oranges, whose taste is the most prominent. Made at Canelli in Piedmont.


45% alc./vol.

The unique blend of anise, licorice and the herbs of Provence.



40% alc./vol.

A liqueur produced by the infusion of Witch elder bush and licorice. The sugar and these natural aromatic plant extracts make for a delicious combination. It can be flavored with sweet anise and now can be found in different varieties. It is similar to Anisette but has a higher alcoholic level and is less sugary.


42% alc./vol.

Romana Sambuca is a unique blend of natural flavor essences and ingredients including anise, elderberries, sugar, and a secret natural flavor formula distilled in the old world tradition. Romana is a very old and authentic Italian liqueur.


20% alc./vol.

Among the native wildflowers found in the Alps are the Queen Charlotte and March Violets. Elegant in its simplicity, this authentic Crème de Violette captures their fragrance, vibrant colors, and taste. Enjoy this liqueur in classic cocktails such as the Blue Moon or Aviation, or as an ingredient in continental cuisine.


13.75% alc./vol.

Horchata Con Ron

RumChata is rum cream made as an authentic replica of the best Horchata you have ever tasted. It is made from scratch using real ingredients – rice, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. This is Real Horchata, not an imitation flavored horchata beverage.



50% alc./vol.

Rumple Minze is a German-style liqueur brand, most well known for their peppermint schnapps.


Senior Curacao of Curacao is the original Curacao liqueur, and the only one made from Curacao’s native Laraha orange. This aromatic fruit, descended from the Valencia orange, lends a distinctive aroma and flavor to this iconic liqueur. A critical component in countless cocktails, including the Mai Tai, Blue Curacao lends distinctive color and flavor that other orange liqueurs can’t match.


31% alc./vol.

Today, Senior & Co. is the only producer making curacao from real Curacao-grown orange peels – and its version of the liqueur is now available in the United States for the first time.

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