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Bottled 2014


45.8% alc/vol.

Single Malt Scotch Whisky From The Isle Of Skye

Finished in Amoroso casks, this is quite different to the standard-issue 10 year-old, with an extra layer of sweetness that may not appeal to some Talisker purists but is well worth a look for those intersted in trying a Talisker with an extra dimension.


46% ABV

A genuine legend, Auchnagie is the principal discharge from The Lost Distillery Company. Auchnagie was arranged in the village of Tulliemet close Ballinluig in Perthshire and was otherwise called Tulliemet refinery at one point in its presence. It takes its name from the Gaelic, Achadh na Gaoidhe signifying ‘the wind of the fields’. In the first place worked around 1812, Auchnagie was arranged in a zone of Scotland that was home to numerous ranch refineries. These have now been lost to the world with the remarkable exemptions of Glenturret and Edradour. Glenturret is currently the home of The Famous Grouse and, all things considered, has made some amazing progress from its modest beginnings. Auchnagie had a fluctuated and to some degree unsteady presence. In its 100 years of refining it had no less than seven proprietors, from the originator James Duff to its last proprietor John Dewar and Sons, Auchnagie was claimed by Peter Dawson when it got a visit from the considerable whisky wayfarer, Alfred Barnard. The refinery was not refining amid Barnard’s stay and he recorded his visit as takes after: The entire of this lovely Strath Tay is one proceeded with scene of the magnificence of nature in its easiest, largest, and most forcing abundance and stillmess of the entire; the fragrant birches, elegant hazels, moving slopes of the greenest verdure, and foundation of mountains all shape a percentage of the wealthiest pictures on which the eye could wish to look. At the season of our visit to Auchnagie Distillery the works had stopped operation, as the climate was excessively hot for malting. The refinery comprises of a grain space, malting still, and crush house, and a couple of different structures, including soul stores and stockroom convenience for 40,000 gallons. The water utilized originates from the Auchnagie slopes, and the make is Highland malt. Just peats brought from Loch Broom are utilized as a part of drying the malt. One exciseman is utilized at the refinery who educated us that he leads a significant peaceful life here, and spends his mid year days in his greenery enclosure and little yard.


46% ABV

Stratheden is the second discharge from The Lost Distillery Company. Shut because of the effect of restriction in 1926, the refinery structures still exist (to some extent) today with some unique markings on the dividers and entryways indicating at its great past. To be sure, the shading we’ve chosen for the mark of The Lost Distillery Stratheden matches the shade of the distribution center entryways that can even now be seen right up ’til the present time. Stratheden was otherwise called Auchtermuchty towards the end of its refining life. It was possessed by the Bonthrone family, who had been critical nearby brewers and maltsters in the zone, dating as far back as 1600. The author of the refinery was Alexander Bonthrone who supposedly refined until his passing in 1890. At 92 years of age he turned into the most seasoned distiller in Scotland. His whisky was presumed to be ‘one of the best.’ One of the key properties of this whisky was its unparalleled water source, referred to locally as the ‘Significant others Pool’. It took three years to cut a reservoir conduit in strong rock to channel perfectly clear water from the Lovers Pool to Stratheden Distillery’s three water wheels.

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