Armagnac 1975 Dartigalongue Bas Armagnac (40 years old)

42% Abv.  Distilled in 1975, Bottled in 2015.

“A firm and intense Armagnac that stands out for its length. This will be well appreciated by lovers of older vintages. The nose is elegant, fine and sophisticated with aromas of dried fruit, cocoa and incense. After a few minutes of aeration, superb notes of white flowers rise from the glass. On the palate, the first attack is rounded, leaving behind explosive and progressive flavors of dried fruit. The persistent finish has notes of rancio and is slightly peppery.”  – Distillery Notes

The Dartigalongue family started to distill in 1813 and is the oldest Bas Armagnac house (founded in 1838). While Dartigalongue owns vineyards, the house has always been famous for the way it ages its Armagnacs. In order to keep the focus on that great reputation, it stopped distilling about 5 years ago and now purchases its young Armagnacs from other producers in the village. They work a lot with the local Gascon oak, which gives various spice notes and contributes to the house style.

“Vintages are typical in Armagnac and Dartigalongue has an impressive collection with most years and even some from 1829. The best sommeliers in the world choose Dartigalongue and dinners are regularly built around their Armagnacs. Menus from top Parisien establishments, including the Moulin Rouge, adorn the walls of the company’s museum that also boasts an awe inspiring number of documents from the beginning of the company’s creation.” – Amanda Garnham, French Entree

750 ml