Armagnac Domaine Aurensan 20 year Tenareze Armagnac

Mouthwatering aromas of rich brown sugar, ground Colombian coffee, and subtle wood spices. The palate has primary notes of molasses, hazelnuts, and lasting spice but you’ll find secondary notes emerge as it breathes in the glass. Ténarèze Armagnacs are known for their richness and expressions of dried fruits – figs, dates – and sweet spice.

Domaine d’Aurensan has blended four single cask Armagnacs from 1990, 1981, 1978, and 1973 to make this Tenareze Armagnac. In Armagnac, the age must be the youngest brandy in the blend. Technically this is a 25 year old brandy despite the 20 year age statement. There are entire casks of 1937 and 1942 in the blend as well. Only 580 liters were produced.

Varietal: 100% Ugni Blanc.

The Rozès family has been distilling Armagnac for four generations. Domaine d’Auresan is a small estate with southwest facing vineyards situated on chalky, clay soil. The latest generation, headed by sisters Sophie and Caroline, are moving the domaine to organic and biodynamic viticulture. Trying to achieve the purest spirit possible, the fermentation is done with natural yeast, no sulphur is used, and the brandies are aged in local Gascon wood casks that are 420 liters in volume. The casks are made from trees that grow on the estate. The brandies are then bottled according to their “Triple Zero” philosophy – no sugar, no coloring, no water.

Abv: 42%

750 ml