Rye Whiskey High West Distillery The 36th Vote Barreled Manhattan

37% alc./vol.

While many of the cocktail-in-a-bottle products leave much to be desired, High West Distillerys The 36th Vote Barreled Manhattan is certainly an exception. High West has created their Manhattan following the authentic pre-Prohibition recipe, and then aged the mixture in the rye whiskeys American white oak barrel for 90 days. The time spent in oak allows the spiciness of the rye to fully integrate with the sweet, herbal flavors of the vermouth and the complexity of the bitters – a result that can not be achieved by making the cocktail from scratch. The Barreled Manhattan was named The 36th Vote to commemorate Utahs role as the deciding vote to end Prohibition. Utah was the 36th State to approve the 21st Amendment, which fulfilled the requirements for ratification. As Utahs first distillery since 1870, High West is proud of this historic event, and has dedicated their Barreled Manhattan to this achievement.

750 ml