Cognac Jean-Paul Grateaud, Cognac Essence des Borderies

40% ABV

Aged for 18 years. Situated in Cherac in the heart of the Borderies cru, the Grateaud family has been passing on the art of cognac-making from father to son for five generations.

The nose is subtle with evolved aromas of rancio, wood and violets. The floral tones in particular more complex, with the addition of wildflower honey . Still very pure and aromatic.

On the palate, the attack is sweet and fruity while the middle is marked by mellow alcohol, deep flavor and roundness.

The finish delivers mild and pleasing tannins. This is also a cognac that shows off the floral characteristics of the Borderies cru; the floral notes here have evolved with honey-like distinction.
For those who prefer: the power and complexity of older cognac with a more velvety, honey-like attack.

750 ml