Rum Novo Fogo Silver Cachaca

Novo Fogo goes to the unusual length of resting this spirit for a full year before bottling it, in chemically-inert stainless steel tanks for one year to smoothen it without changing its flavor. The purest representation of sugarcane from Morretes, this cachaça proves that terroir matters.

This Silver Cachaca manages a beautiful balance between a spirit that has a ton of flavor and one which is easy to drink.  In  a caipirinha cocktail, this cachaca meshes wonderfully with the sugar and lime while maintaining its great vegetal character. The banana aroma is present from the first whiff, followed by pleasantly floral rainforest notes that shine through the spirit. Sea salt balances the cachaca’s tropicality, adding a savory quality and settling the overall impression to a mouth-watering sweet red pepper.

The nose is very vegetal and bold, combined with subtle tropical pineapple and banana. Underneath is a nice subtle honey, syrup undertone.  The entry is surprisingly easy – we’d call it soft but the flavors are so bold.  The taste is extremely flavorful and very vegetal with bell pepper, green bean, white pepper and salt. Underneath there’s a wonderful slightly yeasty tone.  The finish is long and the vegetal bell pepper tones really linger.

750 ml