Liqueurs Suze Saveux d’ autrefois

Suze Gentiane Liqueur is a bitter aperitif that’s been produced in France since 1889. Although, I did hear this latest recipe has been toned down a bit for the modern consumer. It’s creator, Fernand Moureaux, centered this liqueur around the flavor from yellow gentian root. The wild gentian is harvested from the mountains of the Jura and Auvergne regians.  Gentian root is the main ingredient in bitters and is the main culprit for the bitter properties. Other notable flavors are vanilla and candied orange.

It was Fernand that gave birth to this wonderful liqueur, but in 1912 it was the one and only Pablo Picasso that shot its praise around the world with his piece “Verre et bouteille de Suze.” How about that for a promotion! And it was Henri Porte, in 1896, that designed the iconically slender bottle for Suze.


Suze is bright yellow in color so that could be beneficial to your cocktails color palette. It’s very similar to Campari in its bitterness. Hence, the White Negroni. Below are a few cocktail recipes featuring Suze.

1 Liter