46% ABV

Stratheden is the second discharge from The Lost Distillery Company. Shut because of the effect of restriction in 1926, the refinery structures still exist (to some extent) today with some unique markings on the dividers and entryways indicating at its great past. To be sure, the shading we’ve chosen for the mark of The Lost Distillery Stratheden matches the shade of the distribution center entryways that can even now be seen right up ’til the present time. Stratheden was otherwise called Auchtermuchty towards the end of its refining life. It was possessed by the Bonthrone family, who had been critical nearby brewers and maltsters in the zone, dating as far back as 1600. The author of the refinery was Alexander Bonthrone who supposedly refined until his passing in 1890. At 92 years of age he turned into the most seasoned distiller in Scotland. His whisky was presumed to be ‘one of the best.’ One of the key properties of this whisky was its unparalleled water source, referred to locally as the ‘Significant others Pool’. It took three years to cut a reservoir conduit in strong rock to channel perfectly clear water from the Lovers Pool to Stratheden Distillery’s three water wheels.

750 ml