Pinot Noir Arista Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley 2013

The Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is a blend sourced from seven vineyards throughout the Russian River Valley. The unique sites chosen for this blend each contribute distinct layers of complexity to the aromatics, flavors and textures of the finished wine. On the nose, the wine leads with notes of red raspberry and ripe cherry.  Spices like cinnamon and nutmeg also mingle with the fruit bouquet.  The flavors on the palate are balanced and pure, and reinforcing the aromas, there are characteristics like ripe cherry, raspberry, black currant and cola.   The wine’s crisp acidity adds a refreshing quality to the lingering finish.

The Russian River Valley blend represents the unique characteristics of the appellation that set it apart from other growing regions.  This wine is defined by its rich weight and texture and by the dark fruit profile commonly associated with the Russian River Valley.