Results For Languedoc Wines

The base is composed of vineyard soil balanced elements consisting of sufficiently structured by its microbiological activity and organic substances properly. It is on this that should be sought natural interaction exerted on these bases in the living space, so that the multiplicity of living organisms and plants is assured and the balance of nature is respected as much as possible.

Cabernet Sauvignon 39%, Cinsault 24%, Tempranillo 15%, Syrah 9%, Grenache 6%, Vermentino 4%, Roussanne 2%, Merlot 1%


“Light and delicate with soft citrus notes and a round finish. Ideal with shellfish. Grape variety is Picpoul.”


42% Carignan, 29% Grenache, 29% Syrah

Magneric, is named after a parcel of old-vine Grenache Noir found high on a slope, from where some exceptional fruit comes. The origins of the name are unclear apart from also being the name an excommunicated 6th century Bishop of Trier in Germany.

A full-bodied blend of Old Vine Carignan, Old Vine Grenache and Syrah. Cassis and redcurrant, with a black olive tapenade note giving a velvet palate. The fruit is complemented by a touch of pepper and barrel spice, with the power well balanced by freshness. The tannins are full and dense but soft and ripe.

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