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Bright violet color.  Spicy cherry and black raspberry on the fragrant, spice-accented nose, with complicating notes of black pepper and smoky oak.   Chewy, taut dark berry flavors show very good depth and appealing sweetness.  Tannins build on the juicy, spice-accented finish, which is sharply focused and nicely persistent.  This wine offers outstanding value.


winemaker’s notes:

#82 Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2012

A text book Amontillado of great maturity. Naturally dry and soft, its palate gives a hint of wood and smoky raisins. A powerful and distinctive nutty bouquet. A better Amontillado would be difficult to find.

The Los Arcos Amontillado is ideal as a warming aperitiff, with tapas, especially nuts and meats. It can also be served with a meal or any type of cold meat platter or richly flavored seafoods.


winemaker’s notes:

Description: A rich concentrated wine which is classically dry with hints of sweetness, its amber gold color and flavors of rich bitter chocolate and baked chestnuts leave an intense lingering aftertaste. This wine finds great appeal with the connoisseur and is appreciated by all oloroso lovers.

When To Drink it: As an apéritif or just as a digéstif. The more adventurous will try it with rich food

How To Serve it: Serve at room temperature.

Alcohol: 20% by volume


Defined crisp apple core and lime on the nose, this wine has a prodigious surcharge of carbon dioxide. The mousse is spritely and assertive.
The palate can almost be likened to the firmness of a young Semillon in the guise of a granny smith—watch-spring tight but packing a punch when given the chance to unwind over the tongue. While not bone dry (brut) the haunches of this wine are padded out by the residual sugar, but so scant it is, it remains second fiddle. Little evidence of autolysis gives this wine a supremely crisp, primary fruit dominant, and food friendly slant.


The Segura Viudas is simple, nice and not trying too hard; graced with nice apple and citrus aromas; crisp apple, green herb and melon flavors.


Segura Viudas Brut Rosé is a lively example of the endless possibilities for vibrant, well-made cavas from the Segura Viudas house.
Delicate and crisp, Segura Viudas Brut Rosé is fresh and fruity with red fruit aromas of raspberry, currant and grenadine. A lingering cherry note on the finish is crowned by a light touch of sweetness.

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